Opinion d'une citoyenne à M. Raymond Savoie de Gastem - Solidarité Ristigouche



This is the email I sent to Mr. Savoie, the President and CEO of Gastem. I have also posted it on facebook asking people to support your crowdsourcing and to email the company about their bullying tactics. This is my email sent today.

Dear Sir,

I want to tell you just how much social media has meant to me as a near senior citzen. It keeps me informed, connected and actively engaged. But you are probably wondering why I am sharing this information with you.

Well, it is because of social media that I became aware of the lawsuit between your company and the small community of Ristigouche, Quebec over the town’s bylaw to prevent you exploring potential gas sites within two kilometres of the town’s water supply.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me that they would want to protect their water and I believe that most Canadians feel the same way. It also seems to me that your company is trying to bring the town to their knees by suing for $1.5 million when the town’s annual budget is only $275 thousand. I understand they are now crowdsourcing to raise funds to fight this in court.

Because I don’t like bullies, and because if this situation were to happen in my own town I would hope for the same response from my fellow Canadians, I am sending Ristigouche some money to help them with their legal fees and I’m also sharing this story with every person I know and asking them to do the same.

You may well find that social media will prove to be the inescapable downfall to your plans and stain your company’s reputation. Of course, you could back off Ristigouche and prove you are a company that works with the communities you have interest in.

Cathie Camley

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