Aquatic Challenge

While the world is pouring ice cold water on its head, we have decided to try to swim 20 km in the cold water of the Gatineau River, from Wakefield to Cantley, in the Outaouais region.

No, it is not in support of a rare disease but rather to support the small town of Ristigouche Sud-Est, which is the subject of a $1.5M lawsuit by the oil company Gastem … while the annual budget of Ristigouche is $ 225,000.

Quebec boasts to “own” 3% of all freshwater reserves on the planet. Yet when a community decides to adopt a municipal bylaw (in absence of an equivalent provincial regulation) to protect its sources of drinking water in response to an oil drilling project (within 100 meters of an artesian well), the Quebec government has demonstrated no hurry whatsoever to support it either financially, or legally, in this unfair fight. Ristigouche therefore calls upon the generosity of all of us to help fund its defense.

The law firm representing Ristigouche must complete the defense documents for the month of October. So it’s a race against time to successfully raise the $ 225,000 that will help them to fully undertake the trial.

To protect the drinking water of a small distant municipality may not be as attractive as supporting the research against a rare disease that has caused the death of a great baseball player and thousands of people.

But it should be.

Hoping to at least draw your attention to this issue of “David against Goliath”, at best, to convince you to help Ristigouche defend itself against Gastem.

WHO: Mathilde Grenier and Myriam Legault-Beauregard!
WHEN: September 7, Aquatic challenge starts at 11:00
WHERE: Start at the public wharf in Wakefield QC (near thechiro clinic), Arrival (we hope!) at Mary Anne Phillips Parkin Cantley, QC
HOW TO DONATE: Make a donation (please write Aquatic Challenge into your name!)

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“You cannot let yourself be intimidated by companies that want to put their interests above the duty of elected officials and the citizens’ right to protect their drinking water”

The Mayor of Ristigouche, Francois Boulay

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